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Artificial intelligence has changed the marketing and public relations landscape. In this new world, how can the PR industry pivot to keep up with modern demands? 

As always, great PR strategy communicates a brand’s values to their target audience while upholding their reputation. However, traditional PR teams may need to find new ways to communicate in today’s digital landscape. 

As we head into 2024, here are William DiAntonio’s public relations trends that will take off in the new year.

9 PR Industry Predictions For 2024

1 Data-driven content

Audiences won’t trust you if you make claims without backing up your statements with evidence. Your audience will be much more captivated with a story supported by hard facts. Additionally, they will more likely trust that what you say is true because you can show that it is.

Use these tips:

  • Use data that is relevant to your story, such as sales figures, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.
  • Tailor your data to the interests of your audience. Consider what they would be curious about.
  • Use compelling visuals like charts, graphs, and infographics to make the information accessible and engaging.
  • Audiences may struggle to connect the dots if you just list off a lot of data points. Instead, weave that data into a story for them and explain exactly how the data analytics supports your story.
  • Avoid overwhelming your audience with too much data. Instead, focus on the key insights.
  • Always cite your sources to maintain credibility.
  • When writing press releases, use concrete data that highlights your brand’s achievements.

2 Human approach

In the age of AI-powered tools, the internet is rife with generic, repetitive, robotic content. Artificial intelligence has its place, but it cannot replace a human personality, which is what audiences connect with.

While others churn out AI content, a human approach in your PR campaign will help you stand out as relatable and personable. This works best when you have a deep understanding of your audience. Information like buyer motivations, pain points, and behaviors will help you foster an emotional connection with your audience.

3 Personal branding

Creating a strong personal brand is a terrific PR trend to leverage in 2024. Personal branding puts you in control over the online narrative about you. Positioning yourself as an industry leader can do wonders for your company. Here are some other benefits:

  • Build trust and credibility among your target audience. When the public recognizes you as  a thought leader, your audience is more likely to trust your insights and opinions.
  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded market. People’s attention is a valuable resource. Having a strong, memorable personal brand will help people remember you and choose you over competitors.
  • Increase your online visibility and recognition. Consistent content creation, media appearances, and social media engagement can attract more opportunities for exposure.
  • Build a network of clients, peers, mentors, and industry leaders alike. Networking is a cornerstone of long term PR success. Your network will help you find new opportunities, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects.
  • Enhance the value of your business. Consumers are often loyal to companies led by strong, reputable personalities. Personal branding plays a huge role in the success and value of your business.

thought leadership

4 Thought leadership

Ideas are the currency of the world, and audiences gravitate towards innovative people (aka thought leaders). You can showcase your own expertise on online platforms. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on an area in which you have deep expertise. Thought leadership is only successful if you have genuine knowledge and unique perspectives.
  • To be a thought leader, you must be at the forefront. Stay on top of the latest trends, challenges, and innovations happening in your industry. You can always learn something from others in your field, so stay curious and keep learning. 
  • Publish content that offers real value to your audience. Focus on solutions, insights, education, and your own unique opinion. Content can take the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. Aim to spark an online conversation.
  • Share your content across multiple platforms. This can include LinkedIn, Medium, your own website, industry forums, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Avoid just broadcasting your thoughts and opinions to the world without any follow-up. Engage in meaningful conversations with your online community.

5 Ethical use of AI

AI can be a great tool for public relations when used ethically. Misuse of AI can be detrimental to your brand. Many AI platforms pull from other resources online published on a topic, leaving you at risk of plagiarism. An overreliance on AI also puts you at risk of bias and discrimination without a discerning human eye. 

Artificial intelligence can help with idea development, outlining, using correct grammar, etc. It can take over many repetitive, mundane, time-consuming tasks.

However, it can never replace a human perspective and ability to think critically. If you are using AI, do your due diligence. Fact check AI generated content and add your own angle and tone of voice to fit your brand. By the time you have done that, you might find that using AI to create content was a waste of time anyway.

6 Authenticity

Keep it genuine and stick to what your company knows and does best. For brands, authenticity starts from within. Your company vision, mission and values should be the central theme of your brand and marketing message.

Consumers don’t want to feel like you are selling them something. Being too salesy comes off as pushy and unnatural, and users will steer clear. Your audience wants to feel like you understand them and can relate to them on a human level.

More than anything, authenticity for brands is consistently being yourself. When brands pull away from their foundational values, they stop reaching their consumers or may even upset them. 

7 Video content

Video platform usage continues to take off as we move into 2024. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. With the emergence of TikTok and Instagram Reels, video has become a prominent medium over the past few years.

video content engagement statistics
The internet has become all about video content in recent years. Data shows that 62% of users watch videos under 60 minutes long all the way through. If you want to increase your engagement levels, try creating videos.

With video usage skyrocketing on social media outlets, brands have a tremendous opportunity to reach their followers. People love video content because it comes across as more authentic and relatable. People feel more connected to someone in a video versus seeing a blog post or picture. Video-based content engages more of the senses, making them more memorable.  

With videos, you can exude your brand’s tone, personality, and messaging. Not to mention, influencer marketing is an effective way to generate buzz about your products or services. 

8 Socially-conscious content

DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) is not just a trend. This practice is a commitment to fostering a culture that creates equality. Socially-conscious content that reflects and promotes DEI is an effective PR strategy. People are more likely to purchase from brands reflecting DEI values, and there is proof to support this.

dei statistics
Consumers these days are more socially-conscious than ever. Customers want to buy from brands that uphold DEI values. In fact, 64% of people were moved to action after seeing a diverse and inclusive ad, according to data published by Radius Insights.

Here are some tips for creating more socially-conscious content:

  • Reflect the diversity of your audience in your visuals and narratives. Your audience will consist of a wide range of cultures, identities, experiences, and perspectives. Make sure to include this in your content.
  • Make your content accessible to everyone by writing alt text for images and subtitles for videos.
  • Engage with social issues that align with your brand’s mission and values. This engagement must be a genuine effort and not just for show. Audiences are smart, and they will be able to sniff out insincerity.
  • Inject your content with diverse points of view. Collaborate with influencers, creators, and thought leaders from a range of backgrounds.
  • Your commitment to socially conscious values must be more than surface-level. The internal practices of your company should reflect the values that you promote in your content.
  • Be open to audience feedback and use it to make your content more inclusive.
  • If your brand makes a mistake, take accountability for it. Be transparent with your audience about how you will fix the mistake.

Working with a forward-thinking PR agency can help your brand develop content that reflects DEI.

9 Instagram Threads

Threads is Meta’s version of Twitter that shook up the internet in July 2023. The two apps function in similar ways, with users able to post text-based updates to a chronological scrolling feed.

The shift away from Twitter (X) and toward Meta’s Threads presents an opportunity for PR professionals. Since launch, Threads has grown and will continue to grow considerably in usage as we head into 2024.

Closing Out: Preparing for These PR Trends 

The public relations landscape is ever-changing, and it’s important to stay on top of new trends and opportunities. Collaborating with a PR expert or PR firm can be a game-changer for your brand’s public relations strategy. Consider incorporating these PR trends for your brand.