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15 Jun 2024



Reputation911 was founded in 2010 by CEO William DiAntonio to help individuals and businesses to restore, promote and protect a positive online reputation. Personal branding and online presence have never been more important when it comes to online search results. For some, maintaining a professional online image requires expertise.

After speaking with countless individuals and businesses that saw a need for reputation management services, he created the company with a plan to utilize his experience in security services and investigation to build a sustainable practice that could help those in need. His success began in 2010 when he successfully remediated a reputation crisis for his first client:

“I wanted to see if it was possible to determine who was writing this unwanted content. From there I could determine if we would be able to remove or suppress this information from the web. Once I saw that this was possible, I set out to help other individuals and businesses in the same way. Reputation911 was officially incorporated in 2011.”

William DiAntonio

Why is reputation management important?

A negative review, poor rating, or an untruthful article published in connection to your name could completely derail your ability to be successful across varying industries. Often times, clients become victimized by the harsh realities of the internet against their will, ultimately left unable to defend themselves against many cases of fraud, defamation and data breaching.

Your online search results are incredibly important in this day and age when establishing new connections and gaining trust of those who turn to the internet to find out more about you. Hiring managers, college admission boards, new customers or even new coworkers or friends can do a background check with a quick Google search that brings them directly to your social media profiles, images, videos and articles that mention your name.

Search engines like Google are used 5.6 billion times a day. Yes, 5.6 billion. Crazy right? So, what happens when someone types in your name or business? What will they find? The difference between a positive online presence or negative online image can be a determining factor to whether or not a new connection wants to associate themselves with you or trust your business.

What is a reputation crisis?

In some cases, individuals and businesses are susceptible to something called a “reputation crisis,” in which they lose control over their online reputation due to a specific incident or circumstance that greatly impacted their personal brand in a negative way. A reputation crisis can be scary, stressful and anxiety-inducing. Without a proper form of crisis management, it can affect your reputation long-term.

Why hire a reputation management company?

Whether you’re dealing with a reputation crisis, or just need help cleaning up your first page of search results, Reputation911 can help in any way, shape or form. Our main goal is to help individuals and businesses restore promote and protect their online reputation and create a brand that promotes their name in a positive light.

What sets Reputation911 apart from the rest?

Unlike other reputation management firms, Reputation911 offers suppression and removal tactics for both personal brands, as well as businesses. The quality service he offers to each client is catered with a specifically designed approach built for long-term success.

Reputation911’s founding principles remain steady on offering the highest quality search engine optimization tools and techniques, content marketing strategy plans, and professional social media networking to completely remove negative content and suppress bad links from your Google search results. All of Reputation911’s work is completed entirely in house to protect each client’s privacy.