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17 Apr 2024

William DiAntonio

William-DiAntonio-headshotWilliam DiAntonio is an entrepreneur and founder of two leading tech companies designed to help you look good and get found online.

Everyone has their ups and downs in life but all too often those downs turn up online and the negative results can shape and influence how others perceive you.

DiAntonio saw the risk that individuals and businesses were going to have early on as technology and innovation made it easier for people to access and post just about anything online and founded Reputation911 back in 2010 to help manage one’s online reputation.

Seeing the impact it made in people’s lives to have their reputation back and the advantage it gave them from helping individuals land their dream job to business acquiring new customers

DiAntonio realized the importance of one’s personal and business brand and founded Brand911 in 2016 to help build one’s brand online.

Private Investigation Background

As a Private Investigator for nine years, DiAntonio headed up the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) where he was driven to solve the firm’s most complex cases while developing some of the best interviewing and interrogation skills in the industry. He then transitioned into the financial world for the next 12 years where he utilized his investigative background to uncover fraud and manage credit risk.

DiAntonio draws on his over 30 years experience to help Reputation911 clients protect themselves, their families, and their businesses online as the lead Internet Investigator and CEO of Reputation911.

A graduate of Salve Regina University, where he majored in Criminal Justice, William DiAntonio has more than nine years of experience as a personal and corporate private investigator.

Founder & CEO of Reputation911

William DiAntonio is the Founder & CEO of Reputation911, a reputation management firm he founded in 2010 to help individuals and businesses restore, promote, and protect their online reputation and privacy.

William DiAntonio understands the importance of maintaining a positive online presence. Fueled by his knowledge and passion for private investigation, William DiAntonio and his trained team of professionals have the ability to clean up online search results, and improve the reputation of businesses and individuals across the globe.

The internet is always open for business, and nearly everyone has access to the web in the palm of their hands. Google is the number one most popular search engine across the board, and it can be used as a tool to help restore and improve the status of anyone’s online reputation.

Founder & CEO of Brand911

After pioneering the Reputation Management process for his clients of Reputation911, William DiAntonio created the digital marketing agency Brand911 to offer online marketing and PR services for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to improve their online presence and promote continuous growth of their business.

Using the same tools and strategies used to help restore brands, Brand911 is accredited for offering proven organic search results (SEO) for his clients, saving them time, money and frustration in advertising and marketing efforts.

What sets Brand911 apart from other branding agencies is its ability to utilize market research and Google application knowledge. Brand911’s team of SEO professionals is specifically trained in optimization techniques used to promote organic search results.

Brand911 offers an array of services for businesses both big and small in areas of Content Marketing, Content Optimization, Local Digital Marketing, Online PR, Personal Branding, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design.